Lvyan - Take Me Away

Tired of the mass produced idol factory culture in China, 17 year old musician Lvyan has released his official debut single ‘Take Me Away’. Influenced by alternative pop artists Tom Misch, Honne and FKJ, Lvyan writes with maturity, delicately blending Western elements with sounds and traditions from his own culture, never using his identity as a gimmick. His fun and upbeat debut brings out Jazz pop sounds and rhythms with his youthful vibrancy taking centre stage in the accompanying video.

Lvyan‘s home of Shanghai shaped his unique taste in music, allowing him access to a diverse variety of art and music. A self taught producer and composer, Lvyan aims to be part of the independent movement in China, breaking away from the TV reality route that many stars are currently pursuing. Staying authentic to his music and DIY attitude, Lvyan brings his innovation into his music, creating a unique sound that is authentically his own.

十七岁高中生Lvyan吕彦良 成长在上海这座以开放悦纳著称城市,使得一切新鲜事物对他而言都更触手可及。琳琅满目的音乐元素,立体多元的音乐文化体验,造就了他倾向西方审美的音乐品味,也预示着他日后的创作方向。


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